Many people will keep their printers right up until the point that they finally give up and refuse to print any more, no matter how many times you try to persuade or kick it back into life. When it comes to choosing a new printer, there are so many options now available in the market place that it can be quite a daunting experience when it comes to hunting for your new printer.

Below, we look at our top five tips when it comes to choosing your next printer:

Brand – Many users prefer to stick to one type of brand, until it either becomes too expensive or starts to become unreliable. Brand loyalty is the one thing that every product manufacturer seeks the most, as if you can have a reliable band of happy users then you know that you have a customer base for life. Product popularity can change quite frequently, with the big names like HP, Kodak, Lexmark and many others all battling to become the number one brand of printer.

Capabilities / Functions – You need to make sure that you know exactly what you want the printer to do before you buy one, showing how important it is to spend time on your research and making sure it will fulfil your needs. If you need it to print A3, then you will need to look for an A3 capable printer or if you want it to also be able to fax, then you need to find one that does this. Although most modern printers do a wide range of things, if your needs are quite specific then you will need to double check the printer does this.

Running Costs – The cost of running a printer should never be underestimated, because if you go for the cheapest option then you can often end up paying a lot more when it comes to buying the ink cartridges for the printer. Before you buy a printer, research the cost of original ink cartridges and also look at the comparison websites to see how long each cartridge should roughly last to make sure that you are taking all costs into account and will not be stung in the pocket when it comes to buying replacement cartridges.

Reliability – A cheap printer that lasts 6 months is not more cost effective than something that costs more but lasts two years. Always do your research and make sure you ask the questions and research the information, otherwise you could very well end up paying for your lack of research in the long run.

Ask Around – Ask your friends and colleagues about the type and make of printer they recommend because this is often the best source of honest information when it comes to choosing a product. There are also various comparison and review websites where you can find a wealth of information about the products you are interested in, with unbiased views and honest comments worth every penny in the long run.

Take your time and do your research as going for the cheapest option or quickest delivery can often lead to a more expensive operational printer or product in the future, which is the same for any product that uses peripherals etc.