Every office needs stationery products and every office needs someone to supply that order, effectively and affordably, but finding an office products supplier that can meet your needs can take some time and research. Making the right choice often involves a lot of research and an element of risk or luck, but once you find the golden supplier you are unlikely to look elsewhere.

Location – A local supplier has many advantages, as not only are you helping to support local businesses in your area but you can also rely on the fact that if you ever needed anything they could get it to you quickly and efficiently, without relying on couriers or external postage.

Delivery – It is often quite easy to overlook the delivery options when it comes to choosing a company to buy your office products from. Although most suppliers offer a range of options, it is important you compare the price of delivery when it comes to gauging how cost effective that supplier is going to be.

Levels Of Stock – If you needed a product the next day in an urgent rush, could your selected office stationery supplier meet your demands? Although most orders will not really be on a tight turn around, it is important that the supplier you use can ship the products you need if the demand for these products ever became urgent or vitally important for your business.

Price – Price is a big issue for many businesses and home users who purchase stationery over a long term period, with loyalty not as prominent as it used to be before the competition became as intense as it is now. Although its important to make sure the company you use are competitive, do not use price as your number one sticking point, as often the cheapest solution might not offer the best service.

Brand Range – An office product supplier who only offers one range or brand can often limit you to the amount of choices and therefore prices that are available to you. Singular brand stockists are not always a bad thing, but someone with a wide range of brands and ranges can often offer you a much better choice in terms of quality and price.

Discounts – If you become a large customer or are going to start as a big spending business, will your selected office products supplier offer you decent discounts? It is always worth asking the questions because even if the discount is only a small token of appreciation, over many orders you can end up saving a small fortune.

When choosing an office product supplier it is vital that you take some time to do your research and look around, as the longer you spend choosing your office product supplier the better results you will achieve.