Office Suppliers in the UK

Office Suppliers in the UK have traditionally been localised and serviced just their immediate area. However with the advent of the internet and initially Viking arriving from the USA, things soon changed!

What was a comparitively easy industry to make money in became very VERY competitive which was great for the business consumers but not quite so good for the office suppliers! The product range also grew, which was good in some respects, where by if you ordered for instance a lever arch file there wouldnt be a choice of colour – just black or black cloud! Suddenly we had a whole array of coloured lever arch files, ring binders, desk trays, staplers, hole punchers and the like which was very enjoyable not just for the business consumers but also the office suppliers in the UK.

The OfficeStar Group (formally known as Forest Stationery and Packaging Ltd) have been in business since 1976 and I have to say we have loved every minute of it (well apart from the odd few!). We are still as enthusiastic today as we were when we sold our very first box of Bic Pens. A few of our customers who used us for their office supplies right back in 1976 are still buying from us today, and of course have become friends. We have seen lots of businesses in Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean to Aberdeen sadly go out of business but we always look forward to meeting our next customer, and getting to know them and tailoring our service to suit their needs.

If you have just come across this page by accident and are looking for a new office supplier in the UK who can give you a fantastic service with free delivery to mainland UK or you are looking for a one off purchase we would be happy to supply you. Please get in contact with us by placing your order online or phoning us on Tel: 01594 810081 during office hours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The OfficeStar Team