Setting up your Home Office

Working from home seems to almost be the “norm” now and all those stationery items and office machines that you will have taken for granted at the office, will now have to be replaced for your home office.

Here are just a few tips that you may find useful:

Furniture for your Home Office


Firstly make a dedicated space for your office. Don’t try and share with the kids or use the kitchen table! Measure up what room you have available for a desk and chair, ensuring that you still have enough room to open the office door. If you have the room a corner desk/radial desk is good, or alternatively a rectangular desk with a return desk to put at right angles. If the space is really small then a compact computer workstation would be better. Drawers or pedestals can be bought separately, if they do not come with the desk and are always useful to enable you to keep your desk tidy, to keep your stapler, pencils, ruler, spare ink cartridges and hanging files in.


By all means, buy a cheap desk but do NOT buy a cheap chair or even worse use a kitchen chair. This really is false economy. You can buy a reasonable swivel office chair from around only £60, which when you consider you may sit on it for at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (if not more), works out at around 8p per day or less. A small price to pay for not ending up with back troubles at a later date and being comfortable. You will get what you pay for with an office chair as long as you buy from a reputable office supplies company. The more expensive the chair, the more adjustable it will be such as the executive or managers’ chairs, also they will be more hard wearing and the quality of the materials used with be superior. Some of the heavy duty chairs will take weights up to 28 stone and be suitable for 24 hours use.

A filing cabinet or bookcase would also be useful, space permitting.

Stationery for the Home Office

The stationery you will need for setting up your new home office will probably depend on the type of business you are in and how much time you are spending in the office but most offices could make use of the following:

Office Machines for the Home Office


Choosing suitable machines for your home office may seem more difficult than it acutally is. Most offices will need a printer, and many home offices will also require a some sort of copying machine and a fax machine. If you are starting afresh then and you need all three machines, you could buy an all in one printer which will not only save you space but could also save you money. The Canon Pixma iP4700 is a very good buy and is rated by ‘Which’ as one of the best buys in Inkjet Printers as is the Brother HL 2170W Laser Printer whose running costs are very reasonable at only around 0.019p for a black text document. We have created a buying guide to help you choose a printer plus which we are quite happy to give you individual advise if you prefer, just phone us.


With identity theft on the increase, a small shredder to shred those confidential documents would be advisable and once you have one, you will be surprised just how useful they are. Prices start at around £50 and the Rexel StylePlus paper shredder gets a whopping 82% rating by ‘Which’ magazine as they describe it as “quick and durable”. Please see our Paper Shredder Buying Guide or phone us if you need help in choosing one.

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